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North Arm Pistol Club operates within the Davison Range Target Sport Complex at North Arm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (see match schedule on club website). The club now has a total of 8 ranges for use (see Range Standing Orders and Range Approvals on club website).

It is critical that YOU familiarize yourself with the Range Standing Orders and Range Approval Conditions for the range and ensure that all activities meet these requirements.

Training and competition in a range of ISSF, IPSC and Service events is undertaken and members can compete at Club, Local, Regional, National and International levels.

The following information is provided as a guide to membership, licensing and our training and induction requirements. Further details can be obtained via our website at or via the Qld Police Weapons Licensing Branch website.



You must be member of an approved pistol club. There are several legal requirements as follows:

Joining process

You must complete in full and sign the club application, including the declaration whether you are a member of any other pistol club.

If you do not have a current Queensland Weapons Licence then obtain the Form - Application for statement of eligibility to join an approved pistol shooting club (form QP 515) from your local police station, complete and return to the station for approval. If approved, you will receive a declaration which must accompany your application to join the club. This form has an expiry date of 3 months from date of Issue.

If you have a current Weapons Licence this Eligibility Statement is not required.

You must provide two (2) written character references with your application to join the club.

Your application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Applications are considered at the monthly Club Committee meetings.

All potential members are encouraged to visit the club and discuss what is involved, preferably with a committee member, prior to committing themselves to applying to join.

All prospective members must have completed the NAPC Range Induction Program.


All Qld Concealable Firearms Licence handgun owners must participate in at least six handgun shooting competitions conducted on different days, during each financial year of their club membership.

If the handgun owner has firearms in a number of classes, the licensee must use a weapon from each class in not less than 4 club organised shoots for that class in each financial year. All shoots must be conducted on different days.

Example: If a person owns three handguns that are described in two classes of handgun, the licensee will be required to participate in 8 club organised shoots conducted on 8 different days.

This may be varied only by approval from weapons licencing in instances such as the COVID Pandemic in which QPS WLB Provide updates to licenced shooters and clubs accordingly.

New Membership Enquiries 

Please complete the following enquiry for new membership information or email us at .

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